Wunstorf: restaurateurs for restaurants in Luthe and Wunstorf have been found

Wunstorf: restaurateurs for restaurants in Luthe and Wunstorf have been found

Two empty restaurants will soon open their doors in a new look. An Italian moves into the former La Trattoria in Luthe. Asian cuisine will be available at the Stadttheater in Wunstorf in the future.

The culinary offer in Wunstorf is increasing again. Successors have been found for the former La Trattoria in Luthe and the Café Central at the city theater. An Italian will again be offering specialties from his home country on Luther Hauptstrasse from June 1st. A month later, the Vietnamese restaurant in the city theater passage is also due to open.

There is still a lot to be done in order to celebrate the opening on Saturday, June 1st, from 12 noon. On Wednesday artisans still hung signs: La Trattoria is now Sorrento. The name is based on the origin of the new operator Flurim Panik, who comes from the city of Sorrento near Naples.

The freshly painted interior with its lemon yellow reminds of the region known for its limes. Soon pictures of panic's hometown will hang on the walls. He expects delivery in mid-June. Pizza and fresh pasta should not be missing on the new menu, but there will also be changing daily specials.

The 44-year-old panic receives support from his wife, a cook and a former colleague. "If things go well, I have to hire one or two more employees," says the Hanoverian.

In 1990 he came to Germany at the age of 14. He gained his first gastronomic experience in the kitchen. "I had to learn German first." He has been working as a service worker in Hanover for 26 years. "I worked from morning to night." Long working days are therefore not alien to him.

For two years he had been looking for a suitable property to be able to open his own restaurant. In Hanover the competition was too big for him. He had never known Luthe before. "I'm very, very excited," says the restaurant manager.

If everything goes according to plan, the administrative committee approves as a last resort in mid-June, then life could move back to the former Café Central at the Stadttheater on July 1st. He has had 15 talks with interested parties, says business development agency Uwe Schwamm when asked. Almost ten of them would have looked at the bistro. Four testified to serious intentions. The city finally decided on two applicants based on their gastronomic experience.

Since the financing of an Italian trattoria failed, the operator ultimately won the bid for a Vietnamese restaurant. This was also supported by his approval to be happy to offer something for city theater visitors at events. He has also agreed to take over the costs for the conversion of the ventilation system. Smaller structural changes are also pending in the kitchen. If the appointment cannot be held at the beginning of July, it will be opened a month later.

The Vietnamese cuisine offers modern and healthy dishes, says Schwamm: “Why shouldn't we try the city theater? It's nice when more life comes to town. I am happy about any subsequent gastronomic use. ”For Luthe, he welcomed the fact that an Italian was again taking over the restaurant.

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